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Apple & Cabbage Salad with Turkey-Apple Meatballs

As you know, this week is all about apples (because they’re free!) so we’ve been throwing them into pretty much everything. Our chef used them to sweeten up our turkey meatballs for lunch the other day and chopped a bunch up for a slaw-like salad. The light, refreshing Apple & Cabbage Salad was the perfect complement to the rich meatballs. A great, easy meal for a big group, too! Without further ado, here are the recipes!


Serves 10

4 lbs dark turkey meat ground

1 bunch cilantro, chopped

1 large white onion, grated

2 apples, grated

Salt and black pepper

Vegetable oil

1 quart tomato sauce, homemade or a good jarred tomato sauce

Heat oven to 375°F, warm up the tomato sauce in a pot. In a large bowl combine all ingredients except the oil. Make sure to squeeze most liquid out of the onion and apples. Add salt and pepper generously and mix well.

Using a bowl with cold water, keep your hands wet as you roll out the meatballs. The water will prevent the meat from sticking to your hands. Don’t press the balls as you roll them, be gentle! 

Heat 1-2 tbs of oil in a large pan and fry the balls in batches, flipping only once as they brown. They’ll need about 2-3 minutes on each side. Place them in an oven-proof pan and pour the hot tomato sauce over. Into the hot oven they go for 15 minutes to slow-cook.


Serves 6-8

1 medium head of cabbage, 

2 sweet apples

1 bunch green onion, sliced thin

4 tablespoons shaved almonds

5-6 tablespoons red wine vinegar

1 tablespoon agave 

5-6 tablespoons hazelnut oil


Shave the cabbage, preferably using a mandoline, on the thinnest possible setting. Using the same setting, shave the apples, then slice each piece into thin strips. 

In a large bowl, combine all ingredients. Adjust seasoning as needed.

Enjoy together!

It’s Officially Apple Week!

Today commences our Apple Week celebration to kick off the fall season and get that back-to-school vibe back in the air (even if you haven’t gone back to school in a few too many years). To start the season off right, we’re giving away FREE local apples between 9/7 and 9/14. All you have to do is add them to your basket and they’re yours!

And what better way to enjoy your free apples than with a little bourbon in this pie recipe, eh? 

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When our friends at sweetgreen​ called us up about curating picnic baskets for a rooftop dinner party at Brooklyn Grange, of course we said yes! The baskets were spread out across the long farm table, so folks invited could break bread together (literally!) with cheese, salami, radishes, and gooseberries from Good Eggs. It was an absolutely beautiful night with an inspirational group of people - and how about that view?!

Here’s what everyone enjoyed:

- Bien Cuit Ciabatta Loaves

- Brooklyn Brine Pickles

- Ardith Mae Goat Cheese

- Charlito’s Dry Fig “Salami”

- Willow Wisp Organic Breakfast Radishes

- Myers Produce Gooseberries (out of season now, boo!)

The hodgepodge of small bites in the basket make a lovely gift for friends and family! We’ll be providing them for a few weddings in the fall which we’re really excited about. Picnic on!

Images via Steven Mark Stauffer Photography

So, we had an absolutely incredible weekend upstate at Fishkill Farms. Good Eggs NYC city lead Josh Morgenthau runs his family’s farm up there and they were celebrating Peachtopia, their annual peach festival. We Eggs can’t refuse a festival centered around peaches, so we carpooled up to enjoy the gorgeous day!

We ate peaches picked right off the orchard trees and filled our baskets with tomatoes, kale, corn, fairytale eggplant, and squash for a big home-cooked dinner that night. After attempting to pile all 16 of us into the back of a pickup truck, and finding that the truck could not move (woops!), we ran through the fields behind the truck back to the house to start cooking.

We fired up the grill for burgers and brioche buns, started shucking corn for the salad, and popped open plenty of wine from the Fingerlakes. Flower crowns were made, a guitar was pulled out, and there may have been a group singalong. We finished off the night with a swim in the saltwater pool followed by Josh’s famous upside-down peach cake topped with creme anglaise and local vanilla ice cream. Needless to say, it was a farm adventure for the books!

All of the food, besides  the produce picked at the farm, came from Good Eggs. See below for our (loosely construed) menu:

- Dickson’s Grass-Fed Beef Burgers with Hot Bread Kitchen Brioche Buns
- Fishkill Farms Tomato, Corn & Fresh Herb Salad
- Fishkill Farms Grilled Summer Squash
- Fishkill Farms Mango Donut Peach Cake (Josh’s famous recipe)

Fishkill Farms also throws an annual apple festival in the fall so we’ll be back up there in a few months. We can’t wait!

(Most) Images via Nature Vivid