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Corn Succotash Salad Recipe from PS1 MoMA’s Rooftop Salad Garden Party

We’re big fans of all the salad awesomeness happening on the blog Salad for President. So when we found out the blog’s founder Julia Sherman was developing a garden project on the roof of PS1 MoMA, we were jazzed to get involved! 

For the past few months, Julia has been bringing the urban farming project to life along with her talented gardener friend Camilla Hammer. To make the garden even sweeter (literally), they covered the plant beds in roasted cocoa shells, which acts as mulch for all the growing plants—it’s like one big chocolate blanket! Each heirloom veggie and herb is identified with ceramic markers, all handmade and painted by the amazing Claire Typaldos of Season Studio (who sells her succulents and terrariums on Good Eggs). 

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It’s Berry Bonanza week which means all our customers can order FREE blueberries! Yep, that’s right. Free. Head over to our marketplace to order yours now!

In honor of this week of liberated blueberries, we would love to share with you a blueberry jam recipe from one of our long-time customers who also happens to be an incredibly talented chef, photographer, and blogger.

Head over to Dolly and Oatmeal to see her Maple Blue-Barb Jam recipe!

Images via Dolly and Oatlmeal